The 2021-2022 Century Club is comprised of 104 members. There are currently 34 Active members, 5 Provisional members, 31 Centurion members, 28 Past Presidents and 6 Honorary Members.

The Board of Directors is comprised of seven members and includes the following officers: President & General Chairman, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and an Immediate Past President. In addition, there are two Directors. The Board is charged with the responsibility of the overall management and control of the business and affairs of the Century Club, with primary emphasis on establishing policies and procedures for the fulfillment of these functions.

Board of Directors

Mike Metz

Mike Metz

President & 2022 Chairperson

Donnelley Financial Solutions

Jeff Posner

Vice President (Chairperson 2023)

NextLevel Internet

Jeff Grant

Director (Chairperson 2024)

Sand & Sea Investments

Scott Finkbeiner

Scott Finkbeiner

Director (Chairperson 2025)

Wilkinson & Finkbeiner, LLP

Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson



Luke Pistorius

Luke Pistorius


Qualcomm, Inc.

Barbara Savaglio

Immediate Past President

Law Offices of Barbara B. Savaglio

Active Members

Provisional Members

Centurion Members

Past Presidents

Honorary Members