About Us


To be America’s premier golf event and San Diego’s greatest ambassador and benefactor.


The Century Club hosts a world-class PGA TOUR event to maximize support for the San Diego community and local youth programs.

Core Values


A spirit of selflessness and kindness is at the heart of our efforts; we never forget that our Club’s success is ultimately defined by how generously it can give back to the community.


We are passionate and driven in pursuing our vision and mission, valuing actions and engagement above words, and committed follow-through above good intentions.


Honesty and integrity guide all decisions and we always do what we say, upholding our reputation as honorable, dependable community leaders.


We believe in teamwork and the power of integrating and aligning with various partners and stakeholders to achieve Club objectives.


We embrace the concept of stewardship, understanding that our duty is to nurture the Club for future members, responsibly deploy the resources entrusted to us, and foster the reputations of those with whom we are associated.